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what we do

Target Markets
We provide our clients with access to our cultivated and concentrated C-level executive lists
Opportunity Development
Opportunity Development
CRUBIQ gets your business initial meetings with the people who matter—the decision-makers
Metrics Reporting
We keep you in the loop with consistent industry-standard progress reports of activities, interactions and conversions
Analysis Comprehension
Experienced sales experts translate complex data into user-friendly and easy-to-understand reports for your convenience
Coaching and Development
Coaching & Development
CRUBIQ uses years of combined knowledge and know-how and passes it along to your company for future growth
On-Demand Support
We believe in partnership. We do everything we can to make your business stronger and more scalable

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A little about us

Ask us at a cocktail party what our company does, and here's what we'll say... You create an ingenious technology product, but you need help selling it to the right person at the right company. That's where we come in. We do the research on where your product is a perfect fit, we identify the ideal C-level exec, and arrange the meeting for you. You waltz in, make your pitch and watch your enterprise sales grow.


Think of us as your personal concierge for creating seamless interactions between your business and the big league. We are the catalyst for transformational growth of your business. We apply science and art to crack the code for converting highly complex sales.
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the CRUBIQ method

Business Assessment
Like a date, we start by getting to know each other. We build a lasting relationship of trust
Growth Calculation
CRUBIQ has developed proprietary tools that calculate and maximize growth opportunity
Revenue Attainment
What every business is after—profitability. We develop a customized model and we keep you on track
Framework for Success
for Success
Our team develops a plan that allows us to not just hit goals but surpass them
Hard Work
The Hard Work
Made Easy
We handle the ground work for you. Build lists, reach out, make connections, schedule meetings
Provide Insight
CRUBIQ provides data-driven insight to help you crack your own unique code for conversion

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