Anne Ruffner

Anne Ruffner

Founder & President

Some people are just born for sales. In elementary school, Anne Ruffner knocked on doors at Christmas time selling mistletoes for $10 a pop, and made a killing. She also cleaned up at lemonade stands in her hometown of Wilmington, NC, by encouraging her little sister to lie down in the middle of the road, forcing drivers to stop. Today she's channeling that commitment and passion into her brainchild, Crubiq.

After graduating from N.C. State University, Anne spent four years at Corporate Executive Board. This set her on a path over the next decade assisting several growth companies around the U.S. She saw firsthand that so many companies struggle with sales, so she dreamed up Crubiq, founded on her passion for analyzing, problem solving and selling.

Creative, outgoing, inquisitive, personable and loyal, Anne is determined to beat the odds—especially if someone tells her something's impossible.

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